Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Jubilee Day at the Motherhouse

On June 8th, 2003 the Sisters of St. Joseph held a Jubilee day at the Motherhouse and most of the Sisters of the Congregation were present. Twenty-two celebrants marked the special anniversaries of 75, 70, 60, and 50 years as Sisters. The collective total comes to almost 2000 years in God's service! It was a three-fold celebration of God's faithfulness in our lives as Church, as congregation, and as individuals.

Many years ago when we offered our lives in response to the call of Jesus to, 'Go out and announce Good News to the poor', we were sent individually and together to many parts of the globe. God's Church sustained us with Word and Sacrament as we worked to 'build up the Body of Christ in the world'. So the Jubilee day began when, together as Church, we celebrated a beautiful Pentecost Eucharist in our Chapel at 10:30 a.m.

A Celebration as Congregation

We performed our years of service to the Church, not alone but in our particular and beautiful Congregation, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. Living together through the years we shared our possessions and supported each other on our chosen path. Our long-lasting friendships have been a sustaining feature of our fidelity. So the Jubilee day was a congregational celebration with a wonderful exchange of joy, congratulations, hugs, notes, cards, and gifts, in the midst of a festive and delicious dinner around noon.

A Celebration as Individuals

We belong to Church and to our congregation but Jesus called each one of us individually to become His bride and He has gradually taken possession of our individual hearts. Jesus helped us to live with our vulnerability and our failings. Jubilee day we gave thanks for our amazing life journeys bringing us ever closer to the One Who calls us, "Beloved". With full hearts we prayed, we sang, and we received the joy of our 'Sisters on the way' as we drank tea and reminisced throughout the afternoon.

Our celebration on June 8 was an experience, well summed up in the words of Jean Vanier in Community and Growth: "A festival is a sign of heaven. It symbolises our deepest aspiration — an experience of total communion."


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