Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Sister Thérèse Meunier

There seemed to be a longing for something else in my life.

I will share with you how the call from God looked like and felt like for me. It will come in a different way for each person.


After attending the bilingual Teacher's College in Ottawa, I started teaching in a Toronto elementary school. I noticed that some children came to school without breakfast and others lacking warm winter clothing.

A voice inside me

I started to feel unsettled about what I was doing — I felt that there was more that I could do. I had a desire to reach out to the poor that I taught, to follow Jesus more closely. There seemed to be a longing for something else in my life.

Search for others with similar desires

This was how I experienced the invitation from Jesus to live more fully the Gospel message. I did not know how I could reach out to others on my own. Searching for other people who had similar desires I started to think of joining a Religious Community where all were striving to live for others. One community that I knew was the Sisters of St. Joseph in Toronto, since I took music lessons from them.

Sharing With Others

So then what? I spoke to a close friend as well as the priest in our parish and a sister who had taught me. They listened and encouraged me to pay attention to what was going on inside me, to pursue this longing. After prayer I made the decision to enter the Community of the Sisters of St. Joseph that I belong to today. Over the years, my relationship with God who called me into life, into this way of life, began to deepen. This affirmed for me that this is truly where I am being called.


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