Friday, October 30, 2020
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Sister Rosemary McGinn

My heart is always touched and nourished...
Nurturing community for me, as a Sister of St. Joseph, has taken place in the health-care field over these 50 years. During my retirement years, as I have been blessed with energy and zeal, I chose to be a presence and share my "hands-on gift" with the poor, the alienated and the homeless at Mustard Seed. I provide foot care for them, and with care and compassion reach out to give each client "care of the sole." I share this ministry with a group of CSJ Sisters and lay people, and, together, we are a team, serving and responding to God’s people.
As I tenderly care for their feet, and bring comfort to their soles, the clients often open their hearts and share with me their vulnerable stories of pain and struggle. My heart is always touched and nourished as I listen and receive their total presence — who they are, and how they journey each day. They teach me "who God is — and where God dwells in each person." Together, our respect, trust and love continue to grow in us, and we treasure the relationships we build.
More and more, I realize: "The Love of Christ has gathered us together" and truly has nurtured community amongst us. Jean Vanier expresses these experiences in our lives in this way:
You tell me your story —
I listen to you, with my heart.
I come to know your name — your suffering.
It is at this point, that a communion of hearts
Occur, when I become vulnerable to you.
There is no superior — or inferior.
We are bound together in a Covenant.
My heart is transformed.
This is a moment of grace and wonder.
At this time of Jubilee my heart is filled with gratitude — for all who have nurtured community for me, these 50 years.


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