Friday, October 30, 2020
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Sister Rosemary Fry

Sister Rosemary Fry
I grew in attentiveness to all the ways God accompanies me as I follow the longings I experience.

"Each morning the Lord awakens me to listen." (Isaiah 50:4) Many years ago, this passage entered my heart so that I grew in attentiveness to all the ways God accompanies me as I follow my longings. As I reflect back I perceive care and delicacy in this accompaniment and also amazing surprises.

A way to be present

As a young nurse, I did not like the intensive care unit — too many machines. Yet I was responsible for visiting each night to verify that all was well. One night Mr. Bingham, clearly close to death, asked me to pray with him. At that moment I found a person in the midst of the machines and a way to be present to the situation. After all these years, Mr. Bingham, who died a few days later, is still with me as gift.

A special part of my life

This experience and others in which the human relationships seemed much more important than the task led me to dream of a palliative care service that would create a community of professionals and volunteers to meet the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of dying patients and their families. The group of people who created this with me will always be a special part of my life. And yet still I was waking each morning to listen and was being led to those who did not have the support our society has to offer when they are ill.

Called to serve

I learned that it was in Haiti with the Haitian people that I was called to serve and grow in compassion. Now after 25 years the Haitians that I worked with are more than ready to carry on the various programs for their own people. I visit two or three times a year to visit those I love and who gave me so much and to update our donors on how their support is assisting the Haitian people with their programs. 
Now my listening each morning is leading me down another path as I have the opportunity as Vocation Director to share my joy in this life with those who feel an attraction to join us as Sisters of St Joseph.
Sister Rosemary Fry
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