Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Sister Rita Smith

I'm thankful for my path... 
Religious life has been my path to try to follow Jesus. I was gifted with the opportunity to announce Good News while teaching, caring for children with disabilities, supporting staff in a large high school, and offering hundreds of hand-made hats, scarves, baby blankets, mitts, and body warmers to brothers and sisters particularly in Africa, Peru and Haiti, with my knitting and crocheting skills. I'm so grateful for this wonderful and transforming journey.
I was an inexperienced volunteer, wanting to be of service to children with disabilities at the MacMillan Centre in Toronto, but also not confident in my knowledge of what was appropriate or not. Meeting Felicity, however, swept away all my apprehensions! With a huge smile and a few guttural sounds, she welcomed me into her precious heart! We 'connected' and all else was history. One day, cradling her celebral-palsied body in my arms, Felicity noticed my colourful hand-knit purse. Her little arm shot out pointing to the purse and then with spastic gestures, she showed me how much she wanted that purse for herself! My mind told me it was futile because she could never 'use' such a thing. But I listened to my heart, and we both celebrated on the day I presented her with her own colorful hand-knit purse, containing some Kleenex and a heap of my love for Felicity!
And it was while doing some pottery, years later in an Advent setting, that I worked the ball of clay in my hands while my eyes were closed. Gradually, my fingers began molding I knew not what, until I held a beautiful image of the Mother, holding her Child, and the Child was pointing at me! I'm thankful for my path and for the One Who said long ago, "Follow Me."


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