Monday, October 19, 2020
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Sister Peggy Bach

Sister Peggy Bach
God came along, picked me up, wiped off the mud and saw I was beautiful.

I was born in Saskatchewan. My family moved to Vancouver when I was 5 and the Sisters of St. Joseph taught me in high school.

A deep longing

In Grade 11, I read a book entitled And Nora Said Yes. It was about a young woman joining a religious community. I remember saying, "That's a beautiful life for someone worthy of it." I mentioned the book to a teacher. This Sister, an excellent teacher, asked me what I planned to do after high school. She suggested the religious life. I knew at that moment that I wanted to join the community and traveled 3000 miles to Toronto.

An experience of God's love

On the day of my final vows, I went to chapel, where I had a profound experience of God's love. I saw myself on the side of the road covered in mud. God came, picked me up, wiped off the mud and saw I was beautiful. I felt loved as I was with all my faults and failings. That moment has carried me all these years.

I have been stretched

These years in ministry consisted of teaching in elementary schools, teaching ESL, parish ministry, hospice work and currently pastoral work with our Sisters in the infirmary. I have been stretched in mind and heart.

A great grace was to be introduced to the evolving Universe story and how it relates to our faith. We are all connected in this one, sacred web of life!

I finish with the following blessing: "The way is long, let us go together. The way is difficult, let us help each other. The way is joyful, let us share it. The way is Christ's for Christ is the Way, let us follow. The way is open before us, let us go with the love of God, the grace of Christ, the communion of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Quotation from James T. Fatzinger, "Way/Truth/Life," from Touch Holiness: Resources for Worship, (Cleveland: United Church Press, 1990), 243. Copyright © 1990 by The Pilgrim Press. Used with permission.


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