Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Sister Mechtilde O'Mara

Sr. Mechtilde O'Mara, CSJ
My prayer was to have the wisdom to know God's will and the courage to do it.

Aware of God's great love, I desired from an early age to respond by loving God as fully as I could. This desire was my constant companion and led to my becoming a Sister of St. Joseph. Because two of my aunts were Sisters of St. Joseph and the Sisters were my teachers in nearly every grade from the third until university, I felt that I knew and admired these Sisters for their evident dedication.

College days

My college days at St Michael's College in the University of Toronto were exhilarating years for many reasons. My intention of becoming a teacher as well as a Sister of St Joseph became more intense though I found the latter almost impossible to articulate.

Time of decision

As my university studies drew to a close, one of my Basilian priest-teachers advised me to pray for fifteen minutes every day about my vocation. My daily prayer was to have the wisdom to know God's will and the courage to do it. Within a couple of weeks I felt quite certain that I was called to enter the congregation.

Life as a Sister of St. Joseph

The novitiate was a particularly joyous period for me. Next, I taught high school for three years. Then I began studies leading to a Ph.D. in Classics (Latin and Greek).

My ministry ever since has been related primarily to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae of the University in teaching, research, and administration. It has been a good life for me. Since my official retirement, I have continued to teach and most recently I am the Ministry Director of Faith Connections, the Sisters of St. Joseph ministry to young adults (ages 18-39).

I am grateful that my work has been my delight these many years and grateful for the support of loving Sisters who help me focus on who I am called to be.


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