Sunday, July 23, 2017
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Sister Mary Ruth Creamer

I am grateful and happy to have shared in the health care mission of our congregation.
Sister Mary Ruth Creamer felt at home with the Sisters of St. Joseph from the time she was a child. She had an aunt in the congregation, also Sr. Mary Ruth. Through visits with her and attending St. Joseph's High School on Jarvis Street, she was well acquainted with many Sisters.
While visiting her aunt, it was through a chance conversation with a doctor at St. Joseph's Hospital that she learned about the work of a lab technician. He even took her for a tour of the lab. "The minute I walked in the door I liked it," she said years later. She took the two-year training course at St. Joseph's Hospital, and then worked on staff for two years before entering the congregation in 1941.
Medical technology was a rapidly developing science during her years of active ministry. "Our work in the laboratory was to assist the doctors in diagnosing ailments and in helping to determine the best type of treatment in each case as quickly as possible. I am grateful and happy to have shared in the health care mission of our congregation." 
She carried out this ministry for 22 years at St. Joseph's Hospital and 28 years at Providence Centre on staff plus four additional years as a volunteer. In recent years, because of declining health, Sr. Mary Ruth has continued her ministry of "nurturing community" through prayerful support of all the Sisters' undertakings.


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