Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Sister Margaret Mary McGurk

How blessed to be called to so many places... 
Before Sister Margaret Mary McGurk became a Sister, she worked for several years at St. Michael's Hospital, so she knew a few of the Sisters. When a mission in her parish brought into focus the desires she had been experiencing for some years, she turned to Sister St. Nilus at St. Michael's to inquire about entering the Sisters of St. Joseph. She made an appointment and within a week, the deed was done. "You know," she said, "I hadn't really thought about joining the Sisters of St. Joseph, but when I stepped into 89 Wellesley Street, I knew I was home."
Sister Margaret worked in food service for many years, mainly in large institutions where she supervised trays that went off to people she never met. But then she was asked to go to Oshawa, where she ran the school cafeteria as well as looking after the Sisters' dining room. She met people face to face and life was much more interesting. She was planning meals as well as serving them and found herself in charge of a whole jubilee! 
Then came her 1985-86 Sabbatical. What a time! "I'd never traveled, never even been on a train, and here I was on my way to Spokane!" The wonderful speakers, the meeting with Sisters from many countries and many communities, the trips both local and to the Holy Land all culminating in her 25th Jubilee celebrated both in Spokane and Toronto. She felt renewed and reborn. "And here I am, ready to celebrate 50 years. How blessed to be called to so many places, to have 50 years of opportunity for ministry. What a wonderful sign of Jesus' love for me — and mine for him."


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