Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Sister Marcella Iredale

I have been privileged to touch the lives of others... 
My ministry has been primarily in Health Care Administration at St. Joseph's General Hospital, Comox, B.C. and in Toronto at Providence Villa, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, as Executive Director and as Vice President at St. Joseph's Health Centre. I remember my 10 years in Comox fondly. You have to live in a rural area to appreciate the interdependence of people. People are close to each other, always ready to lend a helping hand. This is not to say it doesn't happen in the city but it is more obvious in the country. 
There was the time when, as hospital administrator, I needed goat's milk for an allergic baby. I called my usual suppliers, women in the area, but none had any available. I called a 'stranger' in front of whose house I had seen nanny goats. The woman readily agreed to supply the milk. A doctor who lived nearby agreed to pick it up each morning. All this transpired before the astonished eyes of a nurse from the city.
For 10 years, I served as General Secretary to the Congregation and for eight of those years as a member of the Leadership Team. For the last six years I have been the hostess at our summer residence, Invermara, where I ensure that things run smoothly and the Sisters have an enjoyable holiday. 
The most significant aspect of my life has been the opportunity to serve people, to interact with those with whom I was associated. I have been privileged to touch the lives of others, to have influenced them hopefully in positive ways and to have brought them closer to God and to have made their lives better. I am also aware of the many ways in which they have enriched my life.



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