Friday, October 30, 2020
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Sister Janet Fraser

Sister Janet Fraser
The seeds for this latest ministry were sown at age five.

I lived in St. Monica's Parish, Toronto. Family and parish were always a community affair. Joining another community seemed not so different!

I feel God's Presence

Our summers were spent in Muskoka. What a blessing for me as I found myself very much at home among the rocks, evergreens, waters and the rugged terrain of that area. Nature for me was really a mystical experience of God's presence. If God is Oneness, Truth, Beauty and Goodness — I experienced it all right there! That experience shaped my life.

The Choice

My parents' faith was the solid basis for my relationship with Jesus. I think it was a great trust in God that I absorbed from them. That relationship of trust would be my basis for life. Perhaps religious life was a way I could find "life in abundance." At 22 years of age I joined our Congregation.


Teaching science nourished my search to know. My prayer for many years has been, "Lord, I want to see again!" (Luke 18:41) The seeds for this latest ministry were sown at age five. I feel I have come home in teaching the evolving Earth Story and celebrating the oneness of all creation. Flaring forth from the heart of mystery, ours is a sacrificial universe where everything gives itself that others might live. It is truly a joy for me to share the awareness we now have of the story of Earth and the spirituality of all creation.

All of creation is clothed with your majesty mirroring your Love throughout the cosmos. — Psalm 97, from Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness, by Nan Merrill


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