Monday, September 21, 2020
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Sister Georgette Gregory

Sister Georgette Gregory
Society today has a great need for the spiritual.

I felt an attraction to religious life as far back as Grade Eight. The Sisters of St. Joseph taught me throughout my school years and Sisters Helen McGrath and St. Gregory had the biggest impact on me. When I left high school for work, I again met the Sisters at St. Michael's Hospital in the laboratory office. Sister St. Jude was outgoing and vivacious and I admired her. With a little pushing from Sr. Helen, I finally responded to my inner desire.

I take vows

At age 18, in 1958, I entered the Novitiate. These years were not easy. I lost my mother four years after entering and my father four years later.

I had made final vows and knew that God wanted me all for himself. There were struggles due to my family situation, but I knew I could do more for them in the convent than out of it. My decision made a big impact on my brother. Over the years, we've become closer and he's been tremendously supportive.

Life in community

The community allowed me to become a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner, so I have been in the healing ministry for over 30 years. Religious life has changed since I entered, but I feel comfortable with these changes. My work with the homeless and underhoused in the last 20 years has called me to look closely at what I need in my life. I am called to a deeper spirit of poverty than I ever imagined.

Society today has a great need for the spiritual. We speak by our life of the spiritual and what it can do for people. I never consider my life extraordinary, but I try to live in a spirit of faithfulness and generosity. For me, that's what counts in life.


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