Saturday, October 21, 2017
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A Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Sister Georgette Gregory

Sister Georgette Gregory
Society today has a great need for the spiritual.

I felt an attraction to religious life as far back as Grade Eight. The Sisters of St. Joseph taught me throughout my school years and Sisters Helen McGrath and St. Gregory had the biggest impact on me. When I left high school for work, I again met the Sisters at St. Michael's Hospital in the laboratory office. Sister St. Jude was outgoing and vivacious and I admired her. With a little pushing from Sr. Helen, I finally responded to my inner desire.

Sister Ellen Leonard

Sister Ellen Leonard
My membership in the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph has given me the opportunity to develop my gifts and to share them with others.

"I entered the world under the eye of Sister Vincentia," says Sister Ellen, describing her birth in 1933 at St. Michael's Hospital, then under the direction of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Ellen attended St. Joseph's College School, where the teachers impressed her and she felt called to join the congregation upon finishing high school.

Sister Divinia Pedro

Sister Divinia Pedro
I have met God and felt his love among the poor, the broken-hearted and the marginalized.

My desire to enter religious life began when I was a young, non-Catholic teenager in the Philippines, but I had to set it aside to help with my family’s needs. However, in 1987, my mother’s cancer in remission, I became a Catholic and emigrated to Canada.

Sister Conrad Lauber

Sister Conrad Lauber
All these experiences have been a wonderful preparation for the pinnacle of my career and perhaps the greatest joy.

After 55 years of full time ministry, I can relate to Thomas Edison's quote, "I never did a day's work in my life — it has all been fun." There is great joy and satisfaction in teaching young men and women, not only math and science and English, even religion - but mostly, teaching about life - preparing a foundation for young people, encouraging them to dream dreams, to reach for the stars, so that if they don't quite hit a st

Sister Cecelia Tallack

Sister Cecilia Tallack
I think my traveling days are probably over, but my journey is not yet complete.

"My journey began on the day of my First Holy Communion when I was given a deep conviction that God, for some strange reason, wanted me to follow Him as a Sister of St. Joseph. It continued throughout all my school years, during the period I worked at 'Investors Syndicate of Canada' as well as in the novitiate.


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