Friday, July 20, 2018
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A Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Sister Margaret Mary McGurk

How blessed to be called to so many places... 
Before Sister Margaret Mary McGurk became a Sister, she worked for several years at St. Michael's Hospital, so she knew a few of the Sisters. When a mission in her parish brought into focus the desires she had been experiencing for some years, she turned to Sister St. Nilus at St. Michael's to inquire about entering the Sisters of St. Joseph. She made an appointment and within a week, the deed was done.

Sister Theresa Rodgers

Sister Theresa Rodgers
And that has made all the difference. — Robert Frost

As I think back on my life, I can see God's hand guiding me even when I resisted that guidance. In high school, I had a good friend with whom I travelled to school. When she was in Grade 12, she began to think seriously about a religious vocation. That started me thinking about how one knew whether or not she has a vocation.

Sister Teresa Garvey

Sister Teresa Garvey
God has surely blessed me and shown me the way.

At the time of my birth, my father, a Roman Catholic, was hoping that I would be baptized in his religion. My mother was a High Anglican and my two brothers and I were baptized in her religion.

As a teenager, forever researching other churches for meaning in my life, I was slowly drawn to the Catholic Church.

Sister Sue Mosteller

Sister Sue Mosteller
My life-journey has been one of relationships with wonderful and amazing people, some of whom were disabled, and all of whom shaped my transformation.

Sue Mosteller came from Ohio to boarding school with the Sisters of St. Joseph. "The Sisters were open, friendly, and their spirit and vitality drew me, and made me thrive." She later entered the order.

Sister Roberta Freeman

Sister Roberta Freeman
You want to do whatever you can to assist people where their need is.

Sister Roberta describes her arrival in Toronto from Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, as providential:

"From the time I graduated from high school, I really felt the call to religious life... When I came to Toronto, the first place I saw was St. Joseph Convent on Bay Street, so one day I went in to meet a Sister of St. Joseph whose family I knew in Calgary. From there on, I proceeded to enter and have been a member of the Congregation for over 50 years."


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