Friday, July 20, 2018
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A Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Sister Dorothy Schweitzer

I received far more than I gave.
As I look back over the 50 years I have been a Sister of St. Joseph, I am amazed that the years have melted away so quickly. Even more — I am filled with gratitude for the gifts I have received. Through most of these years, I was a high school teacher in Toronto, Oshawa, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Sister Monica Marie Kelly

The Lord has been at my side... 
The word that comes to mind is: "Changes." When I first entered on September 14, 1962, there were 26 new postulants, today called candidates. That band number decreased each time I took a new step: receiving the habit, first vows, renewal of vows and final vows on August 26, 1970. I first trained in nursing but much preferred the Food Supervisor’s Course that followed.

Sister Rita Smith

I'm thankful for my path... 
Religious life has been my path to try to follow Jesus. I was gifted with the opportunity to announce Good News while teaching, caring for children with disabilities, supporting staff in a large high school, and offering hundreds of hand-made hats, scarves, baby blankets, mitts, and body warmers to brothers and sisters particularly in Africa, Peru and Haiti, with my knitting and crocheting skills.

Sister Margaret Feeley

I had the privilege of sharing in many lives.
It was a memorable day — September 7, 1952 — when I said my goodbyes to family and entered the Sisters of St. Joseph. I had attended the Nursing School at St. Michael's Hospital for one year and after my making my first vows, I was missioned to St. Michael's Hospital to complete my nursing training. After graduation, my next ministry was at our Infirmary at St.

Sister Elizabeth Budicky

I am grateful for the gifts I have received...
I always wanted to be a nurse, but a stronger desire grew within me — that of responding to God's love by becoming a Sister of St. Joseph. I studied nursing; later I taught nursing and loved to teach the students about caring for patients at the bedside, in the nursery and operating room. Many still keep in touch.


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