Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Pray With Us

We invite you to join us in prayer. When we pray we are talking to God. Just as we need to spend time with friends to build a relationship, we need to spend time connecting with God in some way. Because our life is a love relationship with God and God's people, prayer is part of the daily fabric of our life as a Sister. Our prayer can take many forms: quiet time alone with thoughts directed to God, praying with others, reflecting on scripture and attending daily Mass. In this prayer section, we will offer resources that celebrate the different seasons of the liturgical year.

The Assumption of Mary

On August 15 in ordinary time, we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, taken body and soul into heaven.
It is not recorded in Scripture. In Scripture we learn of the death of prophets and patriarchs. In the Holy Land we visit many of these burial places. Even Jesus died and was laid in a tomb. But nowhere will you find the burial place of Mary. The Holy Land only speaks of the place of "dormition"  where she went to sleep.
However, the belief in her Assumption into heaven goes back to the early church. Nowhere do we find any attempt to look for Mary’s physical body or any desire to obtain relics.


What meaning has this for you as a Catholic Christian?


Mary, I know you were taken into heaven body and soul
‘Cause that’s what I’d do for my mother if I were God! 
I also know that you are Queen of the angels and saints in heaven
Because there is no other created being who is mother of God.
When Jesus was dying, he gave you to us as mother,
So I know that from heaven you love and watch over us.
Gosh Mary, your life is a hard act to follow!
But could you help me please to imitate your way?
To be simple, compassionate, humble, open to God’s will?
I want you to be proud that I am your daughter.
I’ll try, Mary, to do my best.
When I fail, help me and I’ll try again. 
I love you and want to be with you.
Meet me when I say goodbye here.
Walk with me as I begin my final journey.
I just know that you’ll give me a loving embrace
And a radiant smile, ‘cause you’re my mother in heaven.
By Sr. Andrea Dumont

National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

Since 2002, December 12 has been the National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. Let us pray for and with our First Nations People in Canada, asking God to bless them on this day and all days. 

I invite you to use the following prayer.
O Great Creator,
Help us that we may walk with You along the good road, Your holy way.
Purify our minds that we may, along with our First Nations People, be guided by Your holy word. 
Clear our eyes, that we may see the goodness You have created in all creation, especially in all people. Open our ears that we may hear Your voice. Make our hearts one with Yours, that we may always act with generous hearts. 
Give us the courage, perseverance and insight to deal with some of our serious social problems such as alcoholism, racism and poverty.
May we listen to those wise persons among us who reach out with wisdom and concern for our betterment.
May our hearts always beat as one with Yours, dear God, through Your Great Messenger, Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
By Sister Theresa Rodgers

Spiritual Reflections

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