Saturday, September 19, 2020
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World Water Day, March 22

On March 22, we celebrate the UN’s World Water Day. The purpose of this day is to highlight the importance of freshwater and to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.
This year, the campaign focuses on the connection between water and energy. Water is required to produce almost all forms of energy, and energy is needed to extract, treat, and distribute water. Therefore, when we save water, we save energy, and when we save energy, we save water! As demand for both water and energy goes up it will become increasingly important for countries to have coordinated, coherent, and concerted policies to manage this precious, finite resource that we all need to survive.
To learn more, please visit the UN World Water Day website.

A Prayer for World Water Day

Creator God, who called forth the land from the water, 
Jesus, who blessed the waters of the Jordan at your baptism, 
Holy Spirit, who hovered over the waters,
We thank you for the gift of water.
Keep us mindful of how precious it is.
Remind us to live in such a way that we help others 
Lacking access to clean water to obtain it.     


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