Monday, October 26, 2020
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Celebrating the Feast Day, March 19

March 19 is the feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of the Sisters of St. Joseph — therefore, an important day for the congregation. Here’s how Sister Josephine Conlin describes her connection to the saint: 

"As Sisters of St. Joseph, we aspire to be like our patron. We desire to be open, trusting women guided by the Holy Spirit. Gifted with a mission to nurture community and to grow in our love for God, each other and our sisters and brothers whom we call 'the dear neighbour,' we make every effort, along with our vowed members and our lay associates, both men and women, to build communities of healing and compassion."
St. Joseph is the supreme "behind the scenes" man. And yet his hands held the holy family together while his strength supported them. 


To the door of Joseph the joiner,
Joseph the mender
Joseph the house-builder of Mary,
Came what was broken, 
hoped for.
Touched by the story —
in mid seed-time, a broken yoke,
rains coming and a roof beam rotting,
a new ladle, loom or cradle sought.
Listening to and loving the wood,
Joseph the Dreamer,
the Just
the One-Who-Gives-Increase,
Touched the wood
with hands that knew
“This is God’s Body”
And woe, work, world were whole,
 were home.
By Sr. Gwen Smith CSJ



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