Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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World Day of Peace, January 1

Peace Thoughts, Prayer and Song

The Lord says: My plans for you are peace and not disaster.
When you call to me, I will listen to you. 
—Jeremiah 29:11-12

When we hear these words and listen, we understand that God desires peace on earth for us and waits for our willingness. God and the Beatles are singing to us:"All we are saying is  “Give Peace A Chance.”"

Once day I  went to the piano and began to play. A simple melody emerged. It lingered in my mind all day as I worked. I went back to the piano, played the song and thought: This melody wants words, and the words it wants are the words of peace which I now share with you:

Peace, come in the morning. Peace, come with our calling.
Descend to our darkness. Be light for our night.
Peace, turn us to living. Peace, our forgiving
Peace, falling like rain, fall on our pain, healing Peace.

Peace, come in the evening. Peace, come, we are willing.
Peace, gift of our choosing. Peace, Sister of God.
Peace, come to the earth, bring us new birth, shining Peace.

Peace, flow like a river. Peace, gift of the Giver.
Oh, open our prison. Oh, open our heart.
Peace, heal our division. Peace, be our vision.
We walk in your way, walk in the day, making peace.

Do you want to make the world more peaceful? One simple way is to think thoughts of peace. When we all think thoughts of peace, the world is already more peaceful. When we breathe a breath of peace, a prayer for peace, God is willing, God comes.

You, my sister, my brother, my child who read this, begin this new year with thoughts of peace and send thoughts and prayer of peace to the east and to the west and to the south and to the north. Give peace a chance.

Mary Alban Bouchard CSJ


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