Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Julia Jacobs

My spiritual life has blossomed and evolved with every monthly meeting and associate event.

I have been an associate for the past four years. I have been a Catholic for the past 11 years. I have always known and heard about the works of the Sisters of St. Joseph but didn't know how to be part of their ministry. A friend from my child's school community invited me to a new young mothers' CSJ Associate community gathering meeting and handed me the information pamphlet. I attended the first gathering and found my spiritual home.

During the first year with the associates, I was fortunate to attend the 150th Anniversary of the Sisters of St. Joseph at Morrow Park. I met Sisters and associates from all the communities and felt the caring and love in their spirit toward each other. Sr. Grace Sauvé gave me some reading material about the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph. With this background and the monthly meetings, my attachment to the Sisters and associates has steadily grown.


Our St. Luke group is a small one, guided by Sr. Grace Sauvé. During our monthly meetings, we pray and then reflect on the readings as they apply to our individual spiritual lives. I have a better and deeper understanding of our faith and the charism of the Sisters and their unending work for the people in need around them. St Luke's group worked on gathering items for the women moving into Fontbonne Place and helped with packing items for needy families. I teach the children at church the word of the Lord. We help a needy family at Christmas. I am happy to be part of the annual associate retreat, attend Assembly days, Commitment days and workshops organized by the Sisters.


The greatest impact has been in strengthening my faith in an open, expressive way. I am now able to share what was hidden in me and ready to surface, as well as to follow in God's way to love neighbour, community and family. It is good to support the Sisters in their ministry and build a spiritual closeness with the associates and others.

I have been fortunate to be a part of the associates, and I am very happy to be in a group of mothers with young children. The Sister's understanding and flexibility with these realities in my life has taught me more about their own charism. The associates are a vital and important part of my life. Our common goals bring us together spiritually in ways that are much needed in this day and age.


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