Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Barbara Baptista

It seemed that the more I reached out, the more wonderful were the gifts being offered to me.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have been a mainstay in my life since I came to Toronto from Hong Kong in October 1995. When I arrived I felt quite overwhelmed.  I wondered how I could cope in a new country without the support of family and friends whom I had left behind.

I looked for strength and comfort where I knew I would find it: in God and among the Sisters of Joseph, who welcomed me into their home at St Joseph’s Morrow Park.

I became a volunteer visitor for the Sisters in the infirmary at the encouragement of Sister Mary Daniel.  I loved the Sisters I visited and gained experience and confidence as I interacted with them.

Meeting with Associates

When I learned from Sisters Virginia and Mary Regis that the Sisters had an Associate program that I would be welcome to join, I plunged right in.  It seemed that the more I reached out, the more wonderful were the gifts being offered to me.

St. Jude Associate Community members soon inspired me to new growth in my spiritual life and in our relationship with one another.  I also found inspiration in the talks on the scriptures and on the CSJ spirituality, as well as the open faith sharing among the associates group.  I found myself able to share my own spiritual journey with them and even agreed to become assistant coordinator of the group.  I was now an active participant of the coordinators’ meetings and  have agreed to participate in the planning and organization of the Associate Community’s yearly retreat.

Continuing the journey

I am deeply grateful to my Associate group, for their inspiration, enthusiasm and support, as we journey together toward a closer relationship with God, with our neighbour and with one another.

I have found new freedom in my personal life and heartfelt gratitude to God who has accompanied me all along my life’s journey.


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